My hands glide swiftly over the white  and blacks keys  as I drift on into my own world, blocking everything and everyone out.  I hear, every,  perfect clear pitched note as I press down on the  smooth keys. Closing my eyes the words start to flow  as well as the tune and all the notes from the piano. Every little thing, I seem to forget and get lost in my own world, the one, where I can be as creative as I want and it seems like only a minute but hours go by as I sit  and write down knew things.  Music has not only been something I heard on the radio, it has played a big role in my life, it is a passion. It’s something that I can do for hours and not get bored. Music to me is like an escape to me, when I play  or sing, I feel as like I’m on top of the world. To me music is so much more than people singing or playing instruments,  it’s a gift, a privellege.