About Me

I am 12 years old and I love to dance, sing , laugh, and overall, just enjoy life. Audrianna, is my name and I have long dark brown hair with brown eyes as well.   I was adopted, and live with my younger brother, my parents (who are  actually  my  grandparents) and dog.   My busy, exciting yet tiring life includes many activities. Such as the beautiful instrument known as the piano, the competitive sport basketball,  along with the unique wondrous dance called Hula and many other things.  Being outside is something I enjoy very much, I like camping, I love  the sun and riding my longboard.  Trying knew things is something I always try to do because the world is just filled with so many incredible opportunities!

Being from Oregon, USA , I’m  a big Oregon Ducks fan. I’ve always loved sports such as boxing, volleyball and basketball but I’ve also always have had a passion for music as well. I have been playing piano for almost five years, I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, and have been playing the Ukulele for almost 2 years now. Recently, I started the cultural yet beautiful dance hula.  Me, being half Pacific Islander, I’ve always been around hula but I just started practicing it myself about a year ago.

So, if I was reflecting about the person that I am, I would say that I’m an outspoken, energetic, musical and athletic person. Who loves to try new things and have fun.


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